To further strengthen entrepreneurship at AAU, funding has been secured to build AAU Science and Innovation HUB, which will be a building with the objective of facilitating collaboration with industry, development of innovative solutions and act as a hub for university based startups.

The Incubator should be able to embrace entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the range from students who are curious on entrepreneurship but has no experience, to dedicated graduates working professionally in building their startup.



Our case´s main purpose was to find a possible solution for presenting the new innovation hub to students and professionals or potential investors in the best possible innovative way.

Case questions:

  • How can visitors be presented to the Incubator in the best possible way?
  • What should the tour include? (visuals, themes, games, etc.)
  • How to best gather feedback for future improvements?
  • How can this process be handled without requiring excessive resources and instead contribute positively to the development of the Incubator?


The goal is to secure that innovation and entrepreneurship become a natural part of the culture at AAU and is an attractive career opportunity. AAU wants to put Aalborg University in front, as one of the highest performing universities in the world when it comes to creating startup companies through a unique incubator society, which is aligned with the overall purposes of university and which has a business model that is sustainable.



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