Landshape is an art festival taking place once a year at a different place in Denmark each time. The concept is to innovate people and make an attractive scene for great Land art artists at the festival. The festival want to engage the local people in the festival aswell as the artists. With the Landscape festival, the hosts wants the festival to shape differently depending what city it takes place in, and therefore should the festival also be shaped differently depending what kind of society it takes place in.

The overall objective of LAND-SHAPE is to strengthen Jutland artistic professional, interdisciplinary art, innovation and loval identity the establishment of a Land Art scene locally, nationally and internationally with a focus on the development of a greater Land Art festival.

The case addresses the process around the festival organization, the collaboration with local people and associations, the volume and needs for the organization and the final program.

The main questions for this case was:

Who organizes what, and how?
• How does this fit into a festival program?

Group members:

Klaus Greve
Simon Elgaard Andersen
Alexander Frick
Patrick Spinelli
Josephine Sander Kierstein

Name of the sketch:

The design problem:
Too difficult to get an overview of what happens when, resulting in the guest not being able to have a good time doing all the stuff he/she wants

The message:
It needs to be possible to plan out your day as to avoid stressing to do everything at once

Techniques: Stop motion

Name of the sketch:

The design problem:

The guides are overburdened, everyone is asking them all the time, and they're not able to provide everyone with a satisfying answer.

The message:
Employ QR codes, signs and improved programs to help lessen the pressure on the guides.

Techniques: Stop Motion

Name of the sketch: Profoundly Confusing Program

The design problem:

The layout of the program doesn't lend itself well to giving the guest a quick overview of the events. The color-coding is confusing and inconsistent.

The message:
Use a new color-coding concept, dividing the events by their nature (active, observing, kids, academic), as well as giving the program a new and more intuitive layout

Techniques: Stop motion


Week 1 (Fieldwork): Week one started with a client meeting. We grouped up with another group who also worked with the landshape festival and had a long meeting together with the client. At this meeting the client pointed out some issues she had about last years festival which she wanted us to take a look at. What we wanted to do this week was to do some fieldwork to find out how to approach this case.

We visited Gateway Blokhus, to experience the area where the next festival should take place and we dicussed different ways to approach our case.

The last days of this week we really tried to identify the main problem of this case, wich were not an easy task. We engaged our case by making an object theater about it. The result were quite messy and nalyzing out sandplay further out showed us, that one of the main problems about the festival, as we saw it, was the mess of the program; everything happening at once.

Week 2 (analyzing the problem):

So what we did afterwords was to look into the program from last year by analyzing what happened at what time during the festival. As well as looking at the actual layout of the program.

Hereafter we interviewed a couple of the 2014 guides, who all told us that there was a problem with on-site information, and too much strain on the guides. Considering this, we chose a focus on on-site info, in order to improve the flow of activites during the festival. A more intuitive program and some kind of means, besides the guides, to give people information during the festival. We also narrowed down our main target groups in collaboration with our client, at a new client meeting whereafter we had a meeting with the other group again to sum up the issues. Hereafter we made a voxpop of these target groups, in an effort to identify their wants and needs during an event like this. Hereafter we brainstormed about the project and discussed each idea in the group in collaboration with the other group working with the landshape festival.

Week 3 (concept development):
This week we did the actual concept development and made sketches of our solutions:

Hereafter we made video sketching of our process. We reconsidered some of our solutionmodels and decided which ones to go with. Hereafter we made storyboards and planned and made the videosketches of our solutions.

Del dette koncept med dit netværk