MarselisborgCentret – App

Gruppe 6

Group members:

Slavomir Baca, NCHM

Carina Lund Sørensen, OD

Allan Gram Pedersen, ID

Trygvi Hansen, IDM

Claus Stig Christensen, IDM

Case: MarselisborgCentret

Rekvirent: Ole Mygind


Generate ideas and input of how to involve rehabilitation and climate adaptation and combining this in to seloutions that creates added value for both people and the environment.

Group 6 focus key points:

  • Activating disablet people and areas of the MarselisborgCentret
  • Information to people in and around the MarselisborgCentret
  • Opening up the green areas around the buildings and inviting in the public
  • Recycle rain water and use it for fountains and garden nutrition



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