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Who is Nebula?
Nebula is a collaboration between 8 different creative companies, each specializing in a different area of concept development and media production. Nebulas focus is on devloping innovative concepts and campaigns, mostly with a focus on social or governmental issues. Nebula have previously done projects like EU-Jobrotation, Nordjylland på Spil and Future Læringsnetværk.


What is Double Denmark?
‘Double Denmark’ or ‘The State in Denmark’ is an interdisciplinary vision of relocating government workplaces, and also Nebulas existing physical concept.

It’s really a board game, that consist of a large map of Denmark with all major cities, urban areas, rural districts and islands, which are presented with different colors and patterns. With the board comes two different kinds of magnetic pieces that the user can place on the map. The round, red and blue pieces are state agencies as for example the culture department or the transport authority. The rectangular yellow pieces are arguments which support the users choice after they place state agencies on the map.

The goal of the concept Double Denmark is to promote awareness of challenges regarding the increasing and apparent centralization of state agencies in and around the danish capital Copenhagen. The consequence of this development causes issues like lack of workplaces, decreasing population and lack of highly educated job profiles in the danish provinces. In an attempt to make the population aware of the issue, by utilizing concepts like Double Denmark, we hope that the people targeted by the campaign will gain a better knowledge about the problem and act accordingly by using this knowledge and supporting politicians who understand the significance of government investments and work assignments. (Nordjyske avis, Synspunkt, 26. oktober 2013)

It can’t be said enough: More government investments in infrastructure and more government workplaces is crucial for the continued growth in all of Denmark.

Week 1 - Observation and Analysis

First we wanted to observe how young people interact with the existing “Double Denmark” koncept. We visited a class at Aalborg HHX, where we were allowed to participate in a social study for an hour.

- Interaction: How did they interact with the board and each other? How did they use/move the agencies and arguments?
- Dialog/discourse: Did they talk with each other? What did they talk about?


Then we gave the students an assignment where they had to make the existing concept for a game. Requirements for the assignment:
- Choose a platform: App, board game, computer game, etc..
- Create motivation
- Ensure learning

The concepts they came up with will give us an idea of ​​what this target audience could find interesting and what requirements we must meet. For the results of our observations and the student workshop, watch our Fieldwork video down below.

Use Cases

Week 2 and 3

We had three elements we needed to incorporate in our new concept: attention, learning and motivation. We made a brainstorm for each element.

With these elements in mind, we brainstormed over a lot of ideas. We wrote down our ideas on paper and put them in a box. While making ideas, we found inspiration in other concepts. Afterwards we discuss the ideas, pick the best 3-4 ideas and made a brainstorm for each idea.

“Fuck the poor”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBuC_0-d-9Y
“Fuld af liv”: http://www.bt.dk/danmark/se-videoen-her-overraskes-festglade-unge-med-gaver
Movie, ”Untraceable”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLYo5tMylQM

Brainstorms over three picked out ideas

We took a few of the ideas and made them into a whole campaign.


In the presentation for Nebula we needed to make 3 different concepts. Not only to make sure that Nebula would accept it, but also so that they would have us continue working with at least one of these concepts.

During our brainstorm and initial design work, the team discussed how it would and could be a great opportunity for us to create a whole concept that would embrace the thought of a coherent design, which not only contained 3 totally different concepts, but instead worked together as 3 concepts in 1 whole concept.

So we took the 3 most exciting ideas and put them together in a model, that was created in a coffee break outside in the sun. Because even though we were having a break, no one could forget our idea of creating concepts in a network that made sense.


We tried to illustrate it in a video, but due to the fact that we now were talking about 3 coherent concepts, it was difficult to create a video that made sense. Instead, we made a presentation of the video before showing it, and afterwards ran it through.


Del dette koncept med dit netværk