Student ressources for U-CrAc

Welcome to U-CrAc! – This year we have a lot of exciting cases for you to work with, and a range of lectures to support your concept development.


Slides from U-CrAc Intro Lecture // Bolvig, Rosenstand & Vistisen

Slides from Applied Etnography Lecture // Søren Bolvig

Slides from Jobs-to-be-done Lecture // Claus Rosenstand

Slides from From-Data-to-Innovation Lecture // Søren Bolvig

Slides from Introduction to CMS Lecture // Peter Vistisen

Online working paper on Core Design // Rosenstand & Vistisen (2018)

Slides form Core Design Lecture // Rosenstand & Vistisen

Slides from Video- & Animation-based Sketching Lecture // Peter Vistisen

Ressources from Peter Vistisen

Video- & Animation-based Sketching guides:

See the entire walkthrough from the lecture (1 hour)
Download the sample files used in the video

Software usable for video sketching:

U-CrAc Splash Screen for the final video:

Use this splash screen (1080p) for your final video