Til studerende / For students

Welcome to U-CrAc 2017! – This year we have a lot of exciting cases for you to work with, and a range of lectures to support your concept development.


U-CrAc introduction  2017

Survival Kit / Louise Møller

Applied Etnography / Søren Bolvig

Innovation Track / Louise Møller

The Elito Method / Louise Møller

Core Design Method / Peter Vistisen & Claus Rosentand

CMS intro / that black guy

Video Sketching / Peter Vistisen

Carat Case Competition slides


Slides from Peter Vistisen

Download Adobe’s 7-day trial from: www.adobe.com

If your computer can’t handle the new Adobe CC Premiere, get this: Download of CS4 version of Adobe Premiere (compatible with older Windows XP machines)

Linoit – tool to analyze and categorize (video)data http://en.linoit.com

U-CrAc Splash Screens

Use this splash screen (720p) for your final video