Material Storytelling


Groupmembers: Louise, Josefine, Christian, Ida, Oana (Group 17)

Subject: Material Story Lab

Requestor: Anete Strand

Tags: Community, online platform, app, software solution, method, storytelling, usage, object theatre



The first week…

Object theatre

We used this method to understand our case, but also to understand the problems of this case. We started out with trying to find ideas to our case, but ended up with understanding our group dynamic. It was very interesting to see, how one topic could turn into another – but it was simply what was on our minds! We achieved a better understanding of our group and how we could work together and what each other could provide with. We also used this method to present our ideas for Anete, and she also used the method to explain to us how she saw the problems or ideas. In this way it was easy to understand her and we could explain our ideas in a more tactile way.

Coherent movie

To create the movie we brainstormed a lot to find out the real problems of the case both from Anetes point of view but also from the users point of view. It was easier to show Anete how we thought our idea should look like, so it was also easier to explain our ideas.


The second week…

The third week…


We made this planning board to keep an eye on the things we have to do, what we have done and what we’re done making.


Sketch 1: Duckling

This sketch shows how Anete can handle her courses, and how people can get certified to use the sandbox and the future online sandbox. With this certification Anete will save time – she will have more people certified to use this theory in praxis and help others. When people get certified they will also have the access to the online sandbox, and here they can use the sandbox with other users who are not certified. Anete has problems with not enough time, and this solution can help her to get more time to develop and spread the word about the theory.

The users of this product are people who are interested in learning more about the Material Story Lab, and who wants to use the theory in the future. It is important to see, how you have to work to get certified. It is very important to Anete to keep the quality of this theory and therefore is a certification needed.

We made a stop motion movie to make it more easier to understand the message. It was difficult to show the message with real life persons, and therefore we choose this kind of movie. We also used green screens to show the sandbox on the computer and the certification on the table.

Sketch 2: Groups

This sketch shows how groups can use the online sandbox to create ideas, but also how groups etc. can use the online sandbox to talk to each other and find solutions.

The users of this product can also be students or companies who wants to use the online sandbox in teamwork. Anete will be able to give her students, or people who may be interested in this theory, a guest login for a limited period of time.

Here we used green screen to show the Ipad with the online sandbox on to show the message of the movie.

Sketch 3: Skype meeting

This sketch shows how you can use the online sandbox to talk to people all over the world. You can use this online sandbox to communicate with colleagues, friends or associates.

The users of this product can be Anete her self and other colleagues who wants to discuss their work online.

Here we also used green screen and zoom out to give the feeling of an online sandbox with “Skype” or another videoprogram integrated.