Cylock (III)


Case description

Like many other products today, locks are turning digital. Since thousands of bicycles are being stolen in Denmark every year, this is where the Danish company Cylock is aiming to make a change. The company builds digital bicycle locks that are controlled through a mobile app. By digitizing your key, the risk of loosing it is gone and you get an easier way to borrow your bike to friends. With an intelligent bike stand, Cylock provide a highly secure lock solution when parking your bike in public spaces. A sensor system is integrated in the bike stand, and will alarm the owner of the bike, if anyone is trying to steal it.

Cylock has a strong setup with its partner companies. The software for controlling the lock system along with the mobile app is being developed by Latvian company, and a Danish company is in charge of the design of the bike stand and meeting the strict design requirements for public spaces set by municipalities in Denmark.

It is Cylock’s goal to become the leader in digital bicycle locks in Europe. A central element while working towards this goal is to have the product ready for easy scaling to other industries

The concept of a digital lock shows great potential for scaling to other use cases than bicycles.

Research focus

- Develop a business case for Cylock’s bicycle lock that also takes future scalability into account.

Group members

Mads Hemdrup (Interactive Digital Media)

Dennis Pedersen (Interactive Digital Media)

Jacob Saxtoft (Entrepreneurial Engineering)

Filip Kristensen (Entrepreneurial Engineering)

Concept video

The video concept is made on the core principle that when Cylock is an established company the technology of the bicycle lock would be adaptable to different kinds of markets. The new market suggestions are based on the fieldwork and problems with normal lock and key. This core concept will show that the technology of Cylock will be usable for both users and companies alike. The video is made in a lighter tone so that is seen as a more creative and funny video that Cylock can use in a creative process for when suggesting new products.

Design process

Week 1


The first day in week 1, we had two hours to prepare questions for our meeting with our client.At the client meeting, we go our assignment which sound; ”Develop a business case for Cylock’s bicycle lock that also takes future scalability into account”.

Afterwards, we started to brainstorm for ideas for which fields we could develop the business case.

We started with a lecture about ethnography and went to discuss our brainstorming and narrow it down to four areas: Bekey (House), general trust, rentals and Hotels.

Next, we started developing questions regard to understand the market for electronic lock systems and we developed a plan to document a rental scenario.


In the morning, we startet to do the documentary about the rental senerio at IKEA. In the afternoon, we collected data for the market analysis by interviewing people on the street of Aalborg.

Week 2

On monday we used the Marterial Storytelling workshop to gain further insight in the overall predicament, which is the app-controlled electronic lock. By using toys put in a sandbox, we were able to make interpretations to achieve a more nuancet perspective on the business case.

We saw some interesting contrasts which reflected real-life situations in form of the insured part of the populations contra non-insured, and front-users and sceptic users.

Tuesday afternoon was in the name of the case partner, and thus we needed to prepare a presentation containing our found insights. We made a powerpoint presentation containing our ideas, designs and concepts as well as future prospects for the business cases.

The case-cooperator seemed slightly dissatisfied at first with our choice to focus more on rental services compared to bicycles stands, but after some ellaboration he started to see the potentiel of our ideas.


Wednesday morning, we had a lecture about video editing and in the afternoon, we started brainstorming new ideas. The goal was to come up with 5 ideas in total, with app-locks for trailer rental services being the first idea.


Thursday morning, we continued to brainstorm for the ideas. We came up with 4 new ideas for aspects where an app-based lock could be innovative; First is about bicycle locks with the concept targeting premium bicycle parking. The second is an electronic lock for lockers at city-centres, airports or train stations. Third idea is about electronic locks for shopping carts, with the focus area being to prevent cart theft as well monetizing on the meta data used by costumers pathing in the shopping center. The fourth is about electronic locks to farmers for safe cattle transfers between enclousers. We then began to make storyboards for each idea and started to draw and cut figures for the video sketches. We shot all the clips for the first 3 scenarios.


We continued to shoot the rest of the scenarios, and started to edit them together. Furthermore, we met with the other groups from our case, to talk about insights and share knowledge.

Week 3


In the morning we had our third meeting with our case partner. We showcased our five video sketches and discussed the further approach. In the afternoon we had a lecture about video sketching and product formation.


We started the day with discussing what ideas we had for making the storyboard. When we came to an agreement on how to make it we started creating the final storyboard and manuscript for the final film we wanted to make. This was done by using berettermodellen to instruct how the movie would be build. After making the manuscript and the storyboard we started to create all the props we needed to make the movie.


The morning started with filming the movie. Then when we had some clips we started editing in three sections.

Video sketching

Video sketch #1

Electronic lock system implemented at trailer rental services.

Video sketch #2

Cylock system as a premium service for cyclists at public places.

Video sketch #3

Electronic lock system for public lockers.

Video sketch #4

Electronic lock and data gathering system for shopping carts.

Video sketch #5

Electronic lock system for farming enclosures.
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