Shoppen- App


What is the concept about and what is the goal/vision with the concept

why is the solution useful in relation to the caseproblem.

Short introduction about our insights based on the casepartners problem and the gathered data.

How is the problem solved

What is Shoppen?

Shoppen is a shopping center located in City syd Aalborg which opened its doors for the puplic in 2007. Shoppen contains 8 different shops, 4 places to eat, a hairdresser, fitnesscenter and a cinema. Due to lack of costumers Shoppen has in the past year been through a “facelift” that consistet of a new logo and slogan “Feel good shopping”. Shoppen demands specifc information on the customers that visit the mall as well as a method to get people to the mall and make them stay there for a longer period of time.

What is our case?

Shoppen wants to know who thier costumers are so they can target their advertisement to the users of the mall and thereby make a better shopping experience for them. They would like to know if it´s typically locals or people from other cities too and if they are most female or male costumers, Shoppen wants to stand out from other malls through a unique shopping experience.

Shoppen also wants to know how their costumers move around in the mall. Where do they go in Shoppen? Which way do they choose when they shop? Which stores do they visit?


Group members:

Julie Hjort

Kim Hansen

Mads Sikjær Andreassen

Andrius Baliutavicius





Week 1 – Finding and specifying the problem.

When we got presented with the case from Shoppen we sat down as a group to discuss the case and how we should approach it and our first visit to Shoppen. To understand the case and the main problem at shoppen we prepared some questions we had about the case for our case partner. These questions where grounded in our

Meeting with the case partner part 1

All three groups from U-crac who has the Shoppen as case went out to shoppen on the 7th of september to gather data about the costumers at Shoppen. Before the fieldwork we all had a meeting with Camilla Mosegaard who works at Shoppen. At this meeting we asked her questions about Shoppen but she could not answer all the questions thus she is not in charge at Shoppen.

Method for fieldwork

For our fieldwork we used the method of semi structured interviews. This because we found it essential that our questions for the costumers where easy to understand and to answer. To undetake these interviews we made an Interview-guide to maintain our overview and keep the structure to make sure that the costumers answared the questions we needed answered.

Field work

Prior to the fieldwork we had a meeting with the two other U-crac groups where we agreed to share the data. We devided the tasks between the groups so there was one group would observe and the other two groups would interview costumers. At first our group interviewed people outside of Aalborg Storcenter and asked them about shoppen and how often they visited City Syd. After interviewing people outside we went inside shoppen to interview people there and find out their motivation for being there and what they in generel expect from a shopping mall.

Our fieldwork made it clear that the people who visit Shoppen most of the time goes in for a specific shop or item. They don’t spend much time in Shoppen and a lot of people visit Shoppen because they already are in City Syd.

Week 2 – Idea and concept development.



– Keywords from material lab
Unique experience
Family time
Disney themes connected to cinema
Invest time

Week 3 – The final video

Framing the final concept and its details before the actual concept video

In the beginning of week three we had a meeting with Natascha, she choose one concept, which we should focus on. So in the next few days we worked on some processes, which bought us closer to the final video. We had a process to find our core in the concept. This meant that we knew that we should focus on presenting in the final movie.
We also made a storyboard, so we knew exactly what should be in the movie. The final days we spend on filming, cutting and edit the movie into the final concept.